US Air Force Recruitment 2018/2019 Form |

US Air Force Recruitment 2018/2019 Form |

Would you like to know everything about how to Apply for U.S Air force? Are you interested in becoming an Airman/Airwomen? If yes, then we’ve got the right requirements, processing guidelines and many more guide about United States if America Airforce online recruitment.


Kindly note that recruitment into U.S Airforce is always Free.

The information Here will show you how to Apply for US Air force recruitment 2018.

Kindly note that were going to show you all the process for recruitment. However, you have to kindly note that USA Air force online recruitment is done via

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So now, let’s show you the general requirements below:


To begin your career as an officer, you’ll either need to be a graduate of the Air Force Academy or AFROTC or go through additional training.

Before you apply, take the time to make sure you meet all of the basic qualifications for the path that’s right for

For those joining with a college degree or enlisted Airmen who have worked toward becoming an officer, you must:

  • Be between 18 and 39 years of age.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree.


For healthcare, legal and ministry professionals only, you must:

  • Be between 18 and 48 years of age.*
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Have a career-relevant degree or postgraduate degree.*
  • Be licensed and eligible to practice in your field.

List’s of all Process that’ll be used for US Air force recruitment 2018

Air Force Officers are evaluated on their leadership potential, moral standards and academic strengths.

You have to kindly note that each candidate must go through a selective process to ensure they meet US Air force requirements and have what it takes to become an officer.

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Below are list’s of the process involved in all Airforce recruitment in America.

Air Force Qualifying Test: You can only take this test twice: The testing comprises of verbal and math skills. Those apply for healthcare, legal and ministry professionals are will not write thus test.

Physically and Mental screening: Here, you’ll be examined to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to work with U.S Air force.

If you’re thinking of filling US Air force recruitment 2018, then you must ensure you’re physically and mentally okay to Apply.

Passingly the selection board: You have to kindly note that your application will be reviewed by either an Officer from U.S Air force Training School Selection Board or Air Force Recruiting Services.

Preparing for officer training: This is the final requirements that’ll be needed during US Air force recruitment 2018.

How to Apply For US Air force recruitment 2018 Application Form?

You can signup for a Job with USA Airforce via their official careers Portal. Visit for More information.

You have to kindly fill out and submit the application form on US Airforce Recruitment 2018 Portal. You also have to note that There’s no obligation on your part by completing this form.

So are you ready to join US Airforce recruitment 2018 online? If yes, kindly visit to register.

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